CB3ROB Tactical Systems

Ideas are bulletproof! - Fighting for freedom since 1996

CB3ROB Tactical Systems offers the following services:
We go forward to defend freedom and all that is good and just in our world.
The final solution provider in a hostile world!

Join us on VK: https://vk.com/cb3rob

Available soon: The CB3ROB Tactical Systems Centurion encrypted communicator.

Pricing options:

Unit price: BTC 0.01 per 6 months per unit on our common network shared by all units.
Your own dedicated network: BTC 2.- including 50 client licenses that each work for 5 years.

Pre-order and pay now and get a 25% discount.
Note that this is a significantly different product from the "EIM" smartphone clients,
offered under various brand names (Exclu, Enigma, Underground, etc),
by other Republic CyberBunker related corporations or their resellers.
It offers no compatibility with those.

We are open for (cash/gold) resellerships with physical presence in target regions,
as well as strategic long term investors on this product line.
Investors can get source-code audits and views, however, never a copy.

For more information regarding pre-sale orders and investing: cb3rob@mail.ru

GitHub: CB3ROB

Privacy policy: this website employs no tracking nor logging.
CB3ROB Tactical Systems, a corporation by Royal decree. Republic CyberBunker Company Register #004,
A wholly owned subsidiary of the Republic CyberBunker Ministry of Telecommunications.